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FEEA Emergency No-Interest Loans


Did You Know?

Following the terrorist attack on his hometown of Oklahoma City, country star Bryan White held a special concert that contributed to FEEA's $1 million fundraising goal.

No-interest loans of up to $1,000 are available to assist with individual emergency situations. Employees should complete the emergency assistance application and follow the instructions for either mailing or faxing the application and all supporting information. Loan checks are made payable to the specific creditor(s) the employee is behind in paying. Loans are repaid through payroll allotment administered by the employee's payroll service, e.g. Employee Express, My Pay, NFC or Postal Ease. Loans are generally repaid within a year. A loan repayment chart is available here>

Assistance is generally available for the following types of hardships:

  • Death in the employee's immediate family
  • Loss of income
  • LWOP due to severe illness or family-member illness. Employee must be back at work.
  • Family breakup, separation, or divorce
  • Critical illness in the employee's immediate family
  • Major loss of property due to natural disaster such as: fire, flood, hurricane
  • Government pay error in cases where the pay shortage was caused by governmental error (e.g., an administrative or disbursing mistake, computer problem, or check lost in the mail)

FEEA may provide assistance up to the amount of the pay shortage for one pay period (not to exceed $1,000). Major medical emergencies are usually beyond FEEA's financial capacity; however, assistance may be given for necessities sometimes not included in health insurance, such as hearing aids or medical equipment needed to continue work. Medical emergency loans will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. FEEA does not provide loans to help pay off credit cards, school loans or similar personal debts. 

Please note: in order to receive a loan, applicant must have been employed with the federal government for one year or longer. 



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