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Emergency Assistance


Did You Know?

On average, FEEA now makes over 1,000 no-interest loans each year that help civilian federal and postal employees get back on their feet in times of unexpected financial hardship.

A missed rent payment, a broken furnace, a violent break-up or an unexpected divorce. Events like these occur without warning in our lives, sapping our energy and draining our finances.

FEEA’s Emergency Assistance Program provides confidential grants and no-interest loans to federal employees facing unexpected financial hardships.

  • Loans are given to help pay for basic living expenses, such as shelter or utilities. Payments are made directly to creditors, and employees pay FEEA back through payroll allotment, a little at a time, with no interest added. Read more>
  • Grants are given when natural disasters affect feds and are intended to provide temporary assistance while insurance claims and other assistance requests are being processed. Read more>
  • Seasonal, temporary, and other non-permanent employees are not eligible for FEEA loans as there is no guarantee of continued employment through the loan repayment period.  In rare instances, such as during major natural disasters, such employees may be eligible for FEEA grants.

Do you need help now? Download an application here>


NOTE: FEEA does not disclose information about applicants or recipients without the express permission of the applicant/recipient.  All personal information is confidential and handled in a secure manner.



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